Quilled Sunflower Necklace Tutorial

Before we get started.

This tutorial has a few prerequisites that you will need to take care of if you have not already done so.  Firstly you will need the knowledge of how to make the basic quilling shapes.  If you need to learn, you can find our free tutorial here.  You will also need to make a stacked quilling form to follow this tutorial with ease.  If you do not want to make one you can hunt around your house for some round objects of the same diameter.  Take it from us however, the tool is nice to have on hand.


For this project I used 7 different colors of paper.  You could use less colors for the interior petals if you wish but I will list the amounts that I used in the example pictured above.  I used Quilled Creations paper for this project which are all 17" long strips.

A) Copper              7 x 17" strips, 12 x 4.25" strips

B) Antique Gold     1 x 17" strip

C) Golden             1 x 8.5 strip, 8 x 4.25" strips

D) Sunset             12 x 4.25" strips

E) Pumpkin          12 x 4.25" strips

F) Deep Yellow     8 x 4.25" strips

G) Watermelon     12 x 4.25" strips

*Don't forget to snip the glue off the ends for a seamless finish.


Stacked quilling form  Alternatively you will need .5", 2" & 2.5" cylinders to use as forms.



Quilling tool

2 open jump rings

Necklace clasps

Cord.  For this example I used a natural hemp but I have also used leather.

Jewelry wrapping wire (not pictured)

Wire wrapping tool (not pictured)

Finishing sealer (I used clear enamel with a UV protectant) 

Make 7 outer petals.

Using your stacked quilling form (the 2.5" tier) and one strip of color A, make a closed coil.

For color A, I chose to use a metallic paper.  As always with metallic and pearlized papers, be sure to press and hold the paper ends a bit longer than normal to allow the glue time to adhere.  

Shape into teardrops.

Shape each of the closed coils into tear drop petal shapes.  Be careful to take not of where the outer paper edge lay and position it at the bottom of the petal so it will be hidden from view when glued to the center.

Make spacers for the O rings.

Make 2 tight closed coils using your quilling tool and 2 4.25" strips of color E.  With small amounts of glue, place and secure each closed coil into the inside peak of two of the outer petal shapes as shown in the photo above.

Make the interior petal pieces.

Roll the remaining 4.25" strips in colors C, D, E, F & G, using your quilling tool into open coils.  Secure them with glue and shape them into teardrops.

In a random pattern, place 7 or 8 teardrops inside each outer petal.  The amount will vary depending on the positions you choose.  The petals containing the closed coils for the necklace fastenings will probably only need 6.  There may be a few teardrops left over.  Once all the shapes are in place, use the tip of your glue bottle or a small dot of glue on the end of a toothpick and slide it between each of the shapes as well as the outer petal.  Do not use too much glue!  A little dab will do ya!

Make the center.

Using the 2" tier of your stacked quilling form and the 17" strip of color B, make one closed coil ring.

Using the .5" tier of the stacked quilling form and the 8.5" strip of color C, make a closed coil ring.

Make twelve closed coils using your quilling tool and the remaining 4.25" strips of color A.

Place the small closed coil ring inside the larger closed coil ring.  Gently slide all twelve of the smallest closed coils in between the two rings.  Use the needle tip of your glue or a tooth pick to slide in between all parts to secure.

Before assembling.

Place all seven petals around the center to make sure they will fit nicely before gluing.  Depending on how many individual shapes you placed in each petal, it may seem a bit snug.  This is no problem.  Just shape each petal into a narrower teardrop shape as a whole.  Do this with all seven and they will fit just right. 

Place as so: two petals on the top, one petal with the closed coil on either side of those two and the remaining three evenly around the bottom.  Glue each petal to the center as well as the petals on either side.


Before turning your sunflower into a necklace, you will want to seal it in some manner to give it protection from both water and UV rays.  Use your favorite method.  My personal favor is a clear and thin enamel with a UV protectant.  Allow the glue and sealer to dry for several hours before adding the necklace fastenings.

Lastly but not least.

It's time to turn this paper flower into a true piece of wearable art.  Using your jewelry pliers, open up each of the O rings wide.  I used 7mm, but I would have preferred 8mm.  Turn in each end of the ring.  When you close them into the closed coil, they will glide in better.  Using slight pressure at the sides, press the rings in to create more space at the top.

Loop your cord through one of the jump rings and fold over.  Using about 1.5" of wrapping wire, wrap the wire around the cord as pictured below.  I use my fingers.  Be sure to crimp the ends down with a tool so the wire does not stab you when you wear this necklace.  That would be no fun.

Repeat this same process on both the other side as well as the end bits to attach the clasps.  The length of the cord you use is entirely up to you and your preference.  Hold the necklace up to yourself in front of a mirror before putting on the clasps.  I never do this and my necklaces are always too long and I end up re-doing the clasps on shorter lengths. E.v.e.r.y.  s.i.n.g.l.e.  t.i.m.e.

You're done!

Happy Rolling!

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