Retro Flowers Quilled Paper Mosaic

Step #1: Create or print a background

How to use a printed background:

How to paint a background:

Little Circles Ready To Print Background 5x7" (Downloads)

Tutorial Paper Needs & Supplies


___   8.5x11” Card stock to print downloaded background image on (download to be provided later).


___   8x10” cardboard to glue down printed background (download to be provided later).

___   Glue & paint brush to adhere background to cardboard.


___   An 8x10 panel board

___   Craft paints and brushes or permanent markers.

Quilling Supplies and Paper.

___   Quilling tool

___   Scissors or paper snippers

___   Quilling Glue

___   A needle tip glue bottle, toothpicks or small paint brush

___   1/4” quilling paper strips in the following quantities:

___   Flower Heads - 5 colors, 10-15 strips each (multi packs are 

        Great for these)

___   Flower Stems - 3-5 colors, 10 strips each max (less strips

        Are needed the more colors are used)

___   Base Color - 1 pack (popular choices: brown, black, dark

green, etc.)

___   Remainder - 5 packs (50 strips each) of corresponding 

colors. You can of course use whatever colors you wish if 

you are feeling especially creative.

Finishing Supplies.

___   Krylon UV Acrylic Spray in the finish of your choice or similar 



___   8x10 mat with a 5x7 opening.

___   8x10 photo frame purchased from retail store or the like


___   8x10 open backed frame

___   Staple gun and staples

___   Permanent double sided sticky tape

___   Kraft paper roll.

___   Exacto Knife or blade roller

___   Scissors

___   Wire cutters

___   Framing wire (or framing kit)

___   D Rings & screws (included in framing kit)

___   Screw driver

Download A Printable Supplies Checklist:

Retro Quilled Mosaic Project Videos:

Video Part 1:

Video Part 2:

Video Part 3:

Video Part 4:

Finish & Protect

Frame Your Mosaic

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial & Happy Rolling!