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Stained Glass Waves Mosaic 8x10

Introducing ON EDGE Card Stock Quilling Strips

Available in 50 vibrant shades and two weights, ON EDGE is a revolutionary new line of card stock quilling paper strips for the contemporary quiller. Never again will you need to pull out the blade and straight edge to create monograms, 3D projects, zentangles and outlines. ON EDGE turns line work, which many quillers find challenging, into a pleasurable pursuit with beautiful results.

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Quill-Alongs are free group projects that are hosted by Little Circles periodically. Join the group & join in on the fun!

140 Shades Of Culture Pop

The Best Quality.

The Most Colors.


140 vibrant colors in a luxurious 70LB weight.  Quite possibly the best quilling strips you'll ever use.  Culture Pop is a line of premium quilling paper strips that are saturated and a thrill to use in all quilling and paper projects - especially designed to be used in jewelry and archival projects. Culture Pop quilling strips are of the highest quality and available in many pre cut widths as well as custom cuts for all your paper crafting needs.

Newest Quilling Informational Video:

Your quilling may never be the same....

Check out this week's free tutorial from Little Circles. It's time to ditch the bottles, pens and other various things we have all collected to wrap our paper around for this fun and functional form in 10 different diameters that can be rolled up by you in an afternoon.  Quilling 2.0  Hell yes.

*New DIY Stacked Quilling Kits Now Available*

Let's get Rolling!

Quilling looks complex but is actually a breeze to learn. Master the basic quilled shapes and you'll be a pro in no time!

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