Quill-Along FAQ

What is a Quill-Along?

A Quill-Along is much like a class but in addition to an instructor, you also have access to a whole bunch of other quillers from around the world who are happy to share their tips and tricks right along with you as we all make the same project together.

Who can participate?

Anyone!  Registration and participation is open and free to anyone in the world who would like to join.The registration period is limited however and you must join before the Quill-Along begins.  Once the project has launched, the group closes and no new quillers will be accepted until the next project has been announced. 

Why should I join?

To learn new tips & tricks, meet awesome quillers from all over the world & get exclusive access to all kinds of Little Circles designs, tutorials, videos and content before the rest of the world!  But as if that were not enough, you also get:

  • An invitation to join our private Facebook group.  Ask Erin and all the other quillers making the project along with you any quilling question you may haveā€¦ and get answers! Post pictures, make friends of other quillers and find all of the course materials in one place.
  • Download a free project supplies list before the project begins.
  • Get emails end directly to you as the new steps, videos and tutorials are released.  Watch new videos directly from your inbox.  There is no need to worry about timezones.
  • Free course materials, downloads & printables.
  • Exclusive instructional videos.  You cannot find theses anywhere else because they are created for each Quill-Along.
  • Ability to ask questions as they occur to you during the course of making a project.
  • 10% off coupon that can be used to purchase any supplies you may need before the class begins in the Little Circles supply shop.
  • The opportunity to share a photo of your finished work on the Little Circles website and social media with a link back to either your own website or Facebook page.

What are we making?

Each Quill-Along project is different.  Keep checking back to see what we are up to.

What if I miss the deadline but I really want to learn to make the project?

No worries!  Once the group has finished making the project, the videos that were created and used to teach the design will become public and viewable from this website under the Projects & Tutorials page.  However, if you want the added bonuses and project help that is available through the private Quill-Along Facebook group, you must be part of the Quill-Along.

When are the Quill-Alongs held?

Little Circles Quill-Alongs are on going.  Upcoming projects are announced on our website, our Facebook page & through our mailing list.  Sign up to be notified!

Where do I find the videos and course materials once I have signed up?

Check your email!  Once you have signed up, you will receive a welcome email, a coupon, supplies list & a invitation to join our private Facebook group within 24 hours (in most cases).  As materials become available, you will receive emails with all of the videos, links and resources that you need.  Everything will also be posted to the wall of our Facebook group for the entirety of the project plus an additional 10 days after it's completion.

I have another question - how can I ask it?

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