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For the love of all that's paper and rolly.

It takes less than an hour to put one of these cute little peppermints together. Use them to adorn your holiday packages or make a one-of-a-kind ornament that will be cherished for years to come.

Peppermint Gift Tag Ornament

One technique, tweaked 3 ways. A super easy and quick project to quill up for the holidays.

Holiday Tree Ornament Trio

The ultimate guide to making all the quilling shapes and their variations. Free download!

Quilling Shape Guide

Make something festive for your holiday table this Autumn!

Acorn Napkin Rings

Cute & festive pumpkin earrings.

Little Pumpkin Earrings

A multi dimensional design with glow-in-the dark elements.

Harvest Moon Pendant

Everything you need to know.

The Ultimate Guide To Paper Quilling Tools

Sweet, simple & small earrings.

Teardrop Ruffle Earrings

Quilling Swatch: How to estimate how much paper you will need when making a quilled mosaic.

Get The Tutorial

Sweet snowflake earrings just in time for winter!

Suspended Snowflake Earrings

*There is a missing segment to the video! Just paint the outer strip with silver nail polish and wrap around :)

An advanced project to be sure, but this quilled mosaic has some stunning outcomes!

Stained Glass Waves Mosaic

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Another take on the quilled mosaic. This time we learn to outline shapes and fill in greater areas. Easily customizable to be as complicated or as simple as you desire.

Colorful Tree Mosaic

Click the following links to download backgrounds that can be printed used to make quilled mosaics.

A mosaic can seem like an overwhelming project to quill, but with the help and guidance of these step-by-step videos, you will find the task completed easily and with little fuss.

Retro Flowers Mosaic 5x7"

Video tutorial to make this geometric bracelet.  The perfect little project for these rainy Spring days.

Let's Go Thataway Bracelet

Video tutorial to create these zen beauties just in time for spring.  A pop of color is just what we need to break these long winter blues.

Third Eye Earrings

A video tutorial that shows you how to create a stacked quilling form out of paper.  

Stacked Quilling Form Video Tutorial

Looking for a unique jewelry project that no one will believe is actually made out of paper?  Look no further.  These post are sure to delight all who wear them as well as their visual admirers.

Semi Circle Scroll Post Earrings

Just in time for Valentine's Day!  Make this beautiful heart garland to decorate your home in celebration of love and all things beautiful.

Valentine's Day Heart Garland

**This tutorial was available as a free download to all members on 2/1/13.  Join the site for free to take advantage of free tutorials in the future.

Such a cool and quick last minute gift or breezy project for your own tree.  Tutorial brought to you by Ann Martin of All Things Paper.  

Rolled Paper Christmas Ornament

Fire & Paper unite in this extremely fun to make quilled candle holder tutorial.  This quilling project is a bit advanced but the finished product with have you giddy in gratification.

Retro Circle Candle Holder

*Stacked Quilling Form Feature*

4 great earring designs that are so quick and easy to make you can have a pair for every outfit you own.  The perfect way to celebrate the geometric jewelry craze that is sweeping the nation.

Mod Eye Earrings - 4 Designs

*Stacked Quilling Form Feature*

These easy to make an uniquely shaped earrings make yearn for lands in the east.  Large in size, their design is flattering on any face that dares to be bold and wear them.

Taj Earrings

Live in a land of never ending summer with this design created for the members and visitors at Quilling Cafe.  Enjoy the tutorial and be sure to check out the awesomeness of the site and community.

Upsie Daisy Earrings

Sometimes you don't have a lot of time for a complicated project or are in need of a special but quickly made last minute gift.  These three simple but beautiful teardrop Earrings fit the bill perfectly.

Small Simple Earrings, 3 Ways

As the summer days shorten and the we try to make the very most of the beautiful weather, it seems the perfect time to roll up this beautiful necklace that tells the story of sweet summer days and the richness of autumn that will soon be here.

Sunflower Necklace Tutorial

It's always a good thing to put a bird on it.  This beautiful necklace is brought to you by Ann Martin of All Things Paper.

Quilled Bird Necklace

A new an innovative tool to add to your supply box and the kicker is it can be made by you!  Ditch the various recycled objects you have been collecting to make your rings in exchange for this handy & space-saving quilling form that can easily fit in any kit.  Your quilling will never be the same.

Little Circles Stacked Quilling Form

Looking for a beginning project with a lot of style?  Look no further - this set is beyond simple to make, great for you or to give as a gift and is the perfect match for those sandals and capris that are slowly making their way out of your closet.

  Retro Bull's Eye Set

Need to learn the basics?  Well now you can in this extremely picture heavy and detailed tutorial.  Made for you by Little Circles' own - you are sure to learn the quilling skills needed to make all of our other fabulous projects in no time at all.  What are you waiting for? Click the link and get rolling!

Quilling Shapes

This Little Circles original design is fun and breezy to make and more than fun to wear.  A great project for both the beginner and advanced quiller alike.  With more than 30 detailed photos to guide you every step of the way, this necklace is sure to become both your favorite to make, to wear and to give as gifts.  What are you waiting for? Get rolling!

Classy Chassis Necklace

Quilled flowers are a staple within the quilling community.  Many of you might have learned the art by twirling petal after petal.  That is why the flowers Inna (from Inna's Creations) makes are so fun to view.  They are bright and lovely and they jump off the wall.  She was kind enough to create this tutorial so you can have a bit of the beauty in your home as well.



Want to try your hand at typography quilling?  Check out this lovely monogram tutorial posted on Craftastical and get going on your alphabet today.

Monogram Letter

Looking for the perfect beginner project? Or maybe you forgot your sister's birthday and you need to whip up something stellar in a wee bit-o-time?  These cute double hearts will definitely do ya'.  

Heart Throb Earring PDF Tutorial

A lovely tutorial made by the talented Kate of Art Life.  Turn these leaves into earrings or get straight up funky and creative and come up with another use of your own.  Whatever you do with them, the important thing is that you made them!  Click the link to visit Kate's blog and view this tutorial as well as a cute bee hive one.

Maple Leaf Tutorial

Made and brought to you by 4 in 1 Studio, This adorable duo make a great little project to either do with the kids or to decorate a baby's room (on a high, high shelf of course). Click the link to get access to this great tutorial.

3D Giraffe Tutorial

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