Q: I love quilling and have lots of patterns.  Can I sell them on your site?
A: Not yet.  Soon I hope.  We are currently working hard on having a new website built from scratch that will have many more capabilities than the current one.  We hope to have a place where quillers can share their patterns with each other - be it for free or for a cost.

Q: I have been designing quilling projects for ages and would love to share them with people on your site. Can I do this?
A: Of course! If you have a particular project that may be a good fit on our free tutorials page, contact us and let's discuss!  We are also always happy to promote your free tutorial on our Facebook page.

Q: I have been quilling since I was in the womb.  I know a lot about it.  I would like to write an article for the site and promote my own, can I?
A: We would love it!  However this site, as it is now, is merely a parking spot for our eventual (built from scratch site) that is being created.  We are unsure how much of the current content that this version holds will be able to follow onto the new site.  If you have a great article, we suggest you host it on your own site and we would be happy to link to it.

Q: I have a website that I think your users would like and I'd like to advertize with you.  How do I do that?
A: Contact us and we will give you all the info.

Q: I make a product used in quilling and I would like you to review it on your site.  Do you do that?
A: Yes we do.  Contact us.

Q: I am the owner of a craft store that offers quilling classes. Can you let people know?  
A: Absolutely.  Let us know all the details and we will help get the information out there.

Q: I am a quilling blogger and I would like to be included on your list.  Will you put me on?
A: We are always looking for fun and unique quilling bloggers who are pushing for quilling to be current, amazing and loved by many.  If this sounds like you, then we'd love to look at your blog.