Quilling: How to Use a Slotted Tool.

Posted by littlecircles on August 26, 2013 at 9:00 PM

Since this website is essentially a baby and I have never started a website from scratch before, I am having to learn a plethora of new skills.  HTML, SEO, and analytics are all things I have never before given a thought to before now.  There is so much I need to know that I do not.  I thank the internet heavens that so much information is flowing around and that with one little click of the google button I can find articles on the exact specific subject I need help with.  It is wonderful.  I think back to the days when I first began quilling and remember how hard it was to find good information.  It was out there to be sure, but it was really hard to find.  The learning curve was steep.  I am thankful for my quilling path as I have stated in previous writings, but I know that not all people learn best the way that I do.  It is for this reason that I am dedicated to providing multiple methods of learning the things I share on this website.  It is also the reason I am starting a series of articles here on Little Circles called Quilling: How to...  The idea is break down all of the steps and processes we all use in our work as quillers.  I would have loved to stumble upon a resource with all of the information and techniques in one place.  So that is who I am writing these articles for - Me.  Me five years ago that is and everyone else out there like me.  I venture there are at least a few of you.  Since the best place to start is usually the beginning, that too is where I'll start this series.  The information will be pretty basic for the first many weeks, so if you are an accomplished quiller, you may wish to skip over the perusal of my Monday articles for awhile. Better yet, why not check it out and let me know if there is something I can add and make it better. I've added a form to the bottom of the article for just such suggestions.  If you decide just to skip it, check back in with me down the road, because we will get to the more advanced techniques sometime and I plan on spilling my guts about every tip, trick and technique I know.  I hope you will help me by doing the same.

For this first article, I am starting at the very, very beginning....

Quilling: How to Use a Slotted Tool.

Happy Rolling!

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