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As I have been working hard to set up the online supply store for this blog, I was surprised to discover just how many tools and quilling goodies are actually available for us twirling lovers to get our hands on. It has always been my personal experience that it is difficult to find quilling supplies - and it still is locally at least. With the capabilities of the internet today however, you can literally obtain materials from all over the world. Quilling seems to be a much more popular pastime in some countries than here in the States (that is if my Facebook page is any indicator), so thanks to the wonderful WWW, we can now feast our eyes and hands on quilling art, books, supplies and tools from all corners of the globe.

As I write this blog, I think back to when I first began quilling and all of the information that I wished I had come across. How much easier it would have been if there was more informational articles, product reviews, interviews, interesting projects, etc. And I do believe that as this craft gets more exposure, more innovative tools and variety of all things quilling will become available to us all. I am so thankful for the tools and resources that exist right now as well. And for the beginner quiller - even these can be over whelming. Each week I plan to highlight a new tool, book, quilling company, etc. I will start with the ones I use on a daily basis and begin to acquire and review new tools from around the world.

Today, I would like give the spotlight to one of the essentials: The slotted tool. I have used many versions of the slotted tool in the past, but am currently using Quilled Creations version. It is easy to use, lightweight and covered with a rubber-ish plastic coating that makes it less likely to slip in your hand. A great tool for a novice and avid quiller alike. I own about fifteen of these - I am one of four quillers in my house and my kids are constantly losing them. I am also really hard on my equipment. The previous brand I used (which I mostly adored) had to be put to pasture and replaced with this brand due to the tongs breaking off. Seriously. No such problem with QC’s yet - however they did just revamp their tool to have a plastic core vs. a solid metal center, so I reserve the right to re review this product a few months down the line. Overall, I love this tool and have been using the same one for about three months now. I quill a lot. Oftentimes more than 50 hours a week if I am working on a mosaic or commissioned project. If it can keep up with that, I think it is pretty great - especially for the low cost.

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