We all start rolling somewhere.

Posted by littlecircles on April 18, 2013 at 1:55 PM

We all were first time paper rollers once.  Be it in grade school with a silly little animal kit that our aunt gave us for our birthday or just a few years ago when we stumbled on some coffee stained How To book in a second hand shop.  There was a time where we had never heard the word 'quilling' let alone have any conception of the art form.  Quilling most definitely has not held a strong enough place in recent history to be a craft that is handed down from generation to generation.  I have only met one or two quillers who learned the craft from a grand parent.  Some may say that is sad, but I see a great opportunity.  I see the ability to revamp the craft and freshen up the learning materials.  There is such a gap out there in useful education to introduce this pastime that we all enjoy.  It is time to not  forget what has been, but set it aside to make way for the new.  Our imaginations can soar if we do not limit them.  But... in order to create the new way, we need to have a strong understanding of the basics.  We cannot bend a art form to our will if we do not in fact know how to do the craft in the first place.  In this spirt, Little Circles is proud to present our first Basics Tutorial - Shapes.  It is up for all to see and I hope you newbie rollers get some use out of it.  There will be more to come as this blog and website progress, but we all have to begin at the beginning.

Shapes Tutorial

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