About Erin & Little Circles.

I began my affair with paper way back when in the days of wee ones and stay-at-home momdom.  At first it was merely an activity to keep my hands and mind busy as my two babes napped.  Slowly rolling, rolling, rolling.  Soon the practice became my meditation and eventually my passion.

Unsatisfied with the stay-at-home lifestyle, I craved a creative outlet that would have an added bonus of contributing in a finically positive way to my household.  Misguided that art was no way to make money - I instead chose to attend cosmetology school where I was introduced to my second passion - color.  In the few years that I worked with clients, I immersed myself in color theory and practice.  

Throughout school and days at the salon I continued to play with paper and design.  Color combinations and new designs filled my head constantly and often woke me with a start in the middle of the night with a compulsion to get my fingers to work.  I slowly began to show and sell some of my creations.  

Blessed with a spontaneous and little bit crazy family, the husband, kids and I decided to take a chance and hit the road - hoping to make a living selling my paper jewelry and art.  We quit our jobs and began homeschooling our two kids.  We rented out our home and sold nearly all we owned.  We packed up the rest in our car and took off.  We found great adventure and success selling in markets and festivals around the East coast.  We had planned a trek around the entire country, but found those plans a bit derailed after landing in Hawaii for a month of sight seeing that instead became 18 months of sun, surf and an incredible art scene.

Ready to take my little business to a different place, the family and I returned to our home in Northern Michigan and opened my studio Little Circles.  Not very long after, my first line of quilling paper, Culture Pop, and quilling supplies was debuted to paper junkies everywhere and has since become a small success that has allowed me the privilege of working with paper as my full time gig.  

Full circle, I now find myself once again in the stay-at-home lifestyle.  Albeit a bit differently and profoundly more satisfactory.  I cut and ship quilling supplies around the world, design jewelry and other paper goods for my quilling website and thousands of other quillers with a similar paper passion, lead workshops and quilling groups and continue to create works of fine and wearable art for festivals and people who seek me out.  Two shops represent each half of my business as it exists today and this website represents my gratitude to what paper has given me and the joy it brings to my life. It is a place where I can share what I know and pay it forward so that others can enjoy equally satisfactory accomplishments.  All together they make a whole - a whole business, a whole passion and one very happy paper artist.

Hi there, I'm Erin.

Totally & utterly in love with paper. It's that unwavering, uncompromised kind of love that fills my head with ideas, wakes me in the night with bursts of inspiration and fills me with complete satisfaction while working with it.